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2009 Seoul International Conference

We hosted 2009 Seoul International Conference on Ancient DNA and Paleopathology . Even if it was not a big conf where many people aggregate and discuss about common interest, we think that the conf time was very happy and enjoyable for every attendant. There were five presentations in the conference. Briefly, Dong Hoon Shin Seoul National University, Korea Paleopathological Studies in Korea Israel Hershkovitz Tel Aviv University, Israel Paleopathology-New Horizons Ildiko Pap Hungarian Natural History Museum, Hungary Anthropological Studies in Hungary Myeung Ju Kim Dankook University, Korea Establishment of sample collection much appropriate for current archaeological sciences Seung Bum Seo Seoul National University, Korea Efficiency of total demineralization and ion-exchange column for DNA extraction from bone Thank you, Ildiko and Israel. Thank you, all my colleagues, and attendants in the conference. IFM plan to held