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[Publication] Lumbosacral Defects in a 16th–18th-Century Joseon Dynasty Skeletal Series from Korea

[Publication] Paleopathological Considerations on Malaria Infection in Korea before the 20th Century

[Publication] Single-nucleotide polymorphism analyses on ABCC11, EDAR, FGFR2, and ABO genotypes of mummified people of the Joseon Dynasty, South Korea

Keynote Speech in upcoming ICOPA 2018-.

[Publication] Our paper for Archaeoparasitology is published in Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology-.

[Session Chair and Presentation] The 8th Asia Pacific International Congress of Anatomists (APICA)

[Presentation] Annual Meeting of Society for American Archaeology in 2018

Invited Speech: Fossils and Ancient Genomics Symposium in China

Workshop: 2018 Annual North American Meeting of Paleopathology Association

"Recent Progress in Paleopathology of Asia" Session in 2018 IPPA Congress

[Presentation] 24th Annual Meeting of European Association of Archaeologists-.